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Funny Correspondence

Just the opposite of hate mail, comes some funny notes I've received since starting the project.  This page will grow as you nuts keep sending me goofy comments.

If you have something to say, you can write to me directly, or post a comment in the news area.  Thanks!

you'd be the one who ruined it for us all...

From Unknown:  Hey, I've driven my own mother nuts for 35 years, time to get to work on someone else's. (Notable fun - putting a good handful of those Snap-Pop throw and bang mini-fire-crackers under her rocking-chair rockers when she went in for a sweet-tea refill. Bad, bad girl. Bad girl.

From Katie in Baltimore, MD:  This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!
You've never seen my brother's picture...

From Kobie I was looking for a place to email to let you know I think this is a hoot!! and I am going to enjoy being involved.
Do they still use the word hoot?  Apparently so...

From VickiI think this is a hysterical idea,   My mom passed away a few years ago and would have gotten a hoot out of being on either end of this deal.  I do my part and start sending next week.
Vicki, did you just say hoot?

Laura writes: How do I post comments in the correspondance [sic] section? This has got to be the best yet on Craigslist. How creative. Just a little curious to know your deep down motives???? Oh hell - who cares!  I have no bottlecaps lying around so I will start on the 6 pack of Cornoa Lite that I purchased & get 'em in the mail ASAP.
Maybe you could actually send your Mom something nice that she might actually enjoy?
3 cheers for your creative thinking!

Deep down motives?  Can't say I have any.  Well, other than getting my brother (mom's favorite) in trouble... And as for the Corona, I can help you dispose of that if needed...


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