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Sending Stuff

Before you get the address, I need to tell you the rules:

  1. You can't mention the website.  If you do, you'll ruin it for the thousands of people that are playing along and sending stuff.

  2. You can't mention names, unless told so in the blog.  She's not sure how she is getting postcards and other stuff from around the world and we will keep it somewhat anonymous.

  3. No perverted stuff.  C'mon, it's someone's mom.  Let's have fun with it, and not turn it into something stupid that forces us to take the site down.

  4. Make the message fun, but not perverted.  Send a 'wish you were here' card.  Tell her you were friends back in the day.  Or don't write anything, just sign it.  Be creative, think of something funny or interesting to put in your message.

  5. Be reminded each month by subscribing to our newsletter.

  6. Take part in sending the item of the month, if you'd like.

Ready for the address?

Click here!


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